Thursday, October 6, 2011

Latest Samsung Electronic Gadget

Samsung has unveiled its latest camcorder HMX-Q10. With the ease of use as the main focus for this little beauty, it includes some revolutionary technologies and intelligent features that the Samsung HMX-Q10 reviews pouring in. Now consumers can record high quality video easily and effectively.

A special HMX-Q10's Switch Grip, which lets you hold the camcorder in several directions. His G-magnetic sensor inside the camera converts the LCD screen so that it can be read at any angle. With touch-screen LCD, you can use the camera almost exclusively on zaslonu.HMX-Q10 is also super thin, compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry it anywhere without the bulk. This product is the latest in .

HMX-Q10 captures video in 1920 x 1080/60i HD. It is an optical image stabilization system that compensates for shaky hands. It also has SMP BSI CMOS sensor that reduces noise and distortion and allows low-light shooting. Samsung Smart Auto Scene Recognition analyzes the scene for brightness, color, movement and subject and selects the most appropriate settings for creating the best video. You do not have to be stuck choosing "Mode" to suit your okruĹženju.Pauza Samsung Entering technology allows the user to stop recording, then re-shoot without the need to merge files when you're done.

In as much automation is the signature of the platform most new camcorders, Samsung HMX-Q10 also allows more manual controls if you so choose. You can customize the White Balance, Exposure Value, backlit, self-timer and C. Nite If you are an experienced operator. There is also a new feature called art film, which creates special effects such as Time Lapse and black and white. This Electronic devices is about to launch in February.

HMX-Q10 is not only a great and compact camcorder, but also serves as a 4.9 mega pixel camera to boot. You can get one of these little numbers in February for about $ 299.


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